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The Rules We Live By

Each of us lives according to a set of rules.

I was reminded of this after reading an article titled “Man punches nurse in the face multiple times after his wife is vaccinated for Covid”.

The man in the article might live by rules like, “My wife must have my permission to receive a vaccine,” and “It’s okay to punch people in the face when they do things I don’t like.”

It’s sometimes easy to look at other people’s behavior—the outward expression of their rules—and think they’re absurd.

But to live a good life, we must look at our own rules to see what truly contributes to our quality of life and what diminishes it.

Want to wear white after Labor Day? Swim after eating? Go for a walk in the afternoon?

Go for it.

And don’t forget, at least from time to time, to examine your rules for your faith, health, relationships, work and money.

You just might find more freedom and enjoyment—and you probably won’t even have to punch anyone in the face to earn it.

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