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Why You Might Want to Write Every Day

Last year, Tim Ferriss had Jerry Seinfeld on his podcast.

Tim asked Jerry what he would include in a writing class if he were to teach one.

Jerry answered by saying, “Well, I would teach [writers] to learn to accept your mediocrity. No one’s really that great. You know who’s great? The people that just put [a] tremendous amount of hours into it. It’s a game of tonnage. You know?”

Some people write every day. I understand that Stephen King does. Weekends and holidays.

I’m pretty sure that Seth Godin does. He publishes a blog post – Every. Single. Day.

Many writers do.

There’s wisdom in writing something every single day. It’s easy to imagine that a daily writing practice could help to clarify and distill one’s thoughts.

I think this is what Graham Wallas meant when he wrote, “How can I know what I think till I see what I say?”

Undertaken with intention, writing daily could help one hone one’s craft. But remember that it’s not practice that makes perfect, but as was once suggested to me, it’s perfect practice that makes perfect—practice with intentionality, care and even love.

Writing daily could help one cultivate discipline.

And writing and publishing each day has the potential to uplift and inspire people.

Yourself included.

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