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Key Takeaways

Here are the main ideas in this course:

  1. There are two ways to live when it comes to Outcomes: You either live knowing what you want (and why you want it), actively producing those outcomes, or you don’t. Ultimately, it’s a choice to live either way, and if you don’t consciously choose to live the first way, you are in effect making the choice to live the second way.
  2. You are always living into some future. The future is in the present, and it reaches back and gives you being and action now.

Completing this course can help you:

  1. Determine what you want and why you want it. In other words, to have clarity, certainty, confidence about what you want from and for life.
  2. Gain clarity about what Tony Robbins calls your “Ultimate Destiny,” which comprises two things:
    • The kind of person you ultimately want to become in this lifetime.
    • What you want your life to really be about.
  3. Establish a Breakthrough Outcome for yourself that has the potential to transform your life.
  4. Understand the difference between goals and outcomes.
  5. Learn principles and practices to help you set and achieve your desired outcomes as easily and enjoyably as possible.