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Key Takeaways

Here are the main ideas in the course:

  1. There are two ways to live when it comes to how you manage your time: You either live with a simple, effective and enjoyable method to “keep your word in existence” and make the most of your time, or you don’t. Ultimately, it’s a choice to live either way, and if you don’t consciously choose to live the first way, you are in effect making the choice to live the second way.
  2. There’s no such thing as “work/life balance.” There’s only “life.”
  3. Managing your time doesn’t have to be stressful; the purpose of time is to maximize your enjoyment of life.
  4. You can be the leader of your life and the architect of your experience – not merely the manager of your circumstances.

Completing this course can help you:

  1. Create and implement new structures and processes to manage your opportunities and obligations. (Or simply review and refine your current processes.)
  2. Consider new ways of thinking about and using time enjoyably and effectively.

“Most people don’t lead their own lives – they accept their lives.”

John P. Kotter