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Mark Divine

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Mark Divine is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of USCrossFit, SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind, and NavySEALs.com. Mark spent twenty years with the Navy SEALS as an officer and commander. He is an expert in the human performance arena and has tested his training techniques on special operations candidates with a 90 percent success rate. Mark is a New York Times bestselling author and has written books including The Way of the SEAL8 Weeks to SEALFITKokoro YogaUnbeatable MindSEALFIT Training Guide, and most recently, Staring Down the Wolf. Mark is an amazing human being whose nickname when he was in the Navy SEALs, was Cyborg. In his class of 185 participants, 19 graduated and he was the number one of those 19 earning the Honor Man. He’s unquestionably a leader and a warrior and he teaches leaders and warriors.

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66828552 713484139102751 2593883297961751219 N