Podcast Episode 87
with our guest Mark Divine

Staring Down the Wolf with Mark Divine


Mark Divine is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of USCrossFit, SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind, and NavySEALs.com. Mark spent twenty years with the Navy SEALS as an officer and commander. He is an expert in the human performance arena and has tested his training techniques on special operations candidates with a 90 percent success rate. Mark is a New York Times bestselling author and has written books including The Way of the SEAL, 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, Kokoro Yoga, Unbeatable Mind, SEALFIT Training Guide, and most recently, Staring Down the Wolf.

Mark joins me today to discuss the contents of Staring Down the Wolf and the importance of self-awareness and facing your fears and shadows. He shares the distinction between principles and commitments and how committing to excellence and embracing a growth mindset as a leader can help your team experience accelerated growth. Mark also highlights how relationships play a role in our lives and why you should lead with togetherness and heart rather than ego.  


“Nothing happens to us without us impacting how it happened.” – Mark Divine

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Why Mark wrote Staring Down the Wolf, who he wrote it for, and the structure of the book
  • The seven commitments outlined in Mark’s book and the two primary aspects of every commitment
  • Why it is essential to look at the ‘shadow side’ of your commitments
  • What you need to do as an entrepreneurial leader to build an elite team, and its benefits
  • Whether everyone has the potential to be an effective leader
  • Why no one is exempt from the need to lead and the earliest relationships and leadership roles we all have
  • How the nature of our minds can impact our perception of experience and the responsibility we have to acknowledge our role in our reality
  • Why you should find and fight for your calling rather than merely getting by
  • The opportunities we have during this time of crisis and uncertainty

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