Podcast Episode 2
with our guest Davidji

Davidji: 16 Seconds At A Time


In this episode, I talk with Davidji. Davidji has taught more than 200,000 people how to meditate. He ran the Chopra University for a decade, and I first met him when I attended Hay House’s “I Can Do It” summit in Seattle a couple years ago. He’s written 3 books: Secrets of MeditationDestressifying, and his most recent Sacred Powers.

I really love what he says in Sacred Powers, and I think you’ll enjoy this episode hearing the journey of transformation that he experiences as he was working on Wall Street until one day that all changed as well as the one piece of advice he would give every American. I’ve never heard that before—a very interesting way of explaining what America is and what he wished every American knew. So, enjoy!

Show Notes

3:12 – What life’s about
8:00 – Davidji’s origin story
9:02 – Watching the Twin Towers collapse
16:16 – What’s going to be on your tombstone?
19:33 – Hair turned from red to white in a week
23:03 – Don’t need to head off to India in search of the guru
23:20 – Introducing pattern interrupts into your life
25:35 – Time for a reboot
27:05 – 70,000 thoughts a day
29:40 – Pattern interrupt = higher scoring percentage
34:30 – Connecting to our inner wisdom
36:39 – Energy cannot be created nor destroyed
46:45 – Meditating with his pet Peaches, the Buddha Princess
47:32 – Why he wrote Destressifying
52:25 – Lightning round
56:50 – What every American should know
1:07:40 – The writing process
1:09:00 – Writing every day
1:16:51 – For the person who shuns meditations or mindfulness
1:20:00 – Everybody on the planet could use more love
1:26:36 – How energy is revealed, from concept to reality
1:56:40 – How can I heal others
2:05:30 – Learn more at Davidji.com
2:06:50 – 16 second meditation

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