Podcast Episode 3
with our guest Gail Miller

Gail Miller: A Life of Integrity And Service


Gail is an American billionaire businesswoman and chairwoman of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. She is the owner of the Utah Jazz NBA team, and the wealthiest person in Utah. Gail is also chairwoman of the Salt Lake Community College and a leading philanthropist.

On this podcast we are able to hear her story and feel the emotion and integrity created by a life of work and service. I hope you enjoy it, I really think you’ll love it.

Show Notes

3:00 – What life’s about
5:30 – Who Gail is and what she does
10:57 – The unexpected journey
17:46 – What you want to pass on to the next generation
24:30 – The desire to be philanthropic
33:55 – Why she wrote the book
38:00 – Roller skating dream
46:50 – Gifts coming in through the skylight
55:40 – The 3 most common things that cause conflict in marriage: money, sex, children
59:00 – Lightning round
1:06:00 – Parents advice that stayed with her: Be your best self
1:06:42 – The writing process
1:07:35 – Being free in your thinking
1:08:25 – Never thought she would publish a book—didn’t feel she had anything important to say
1:10:14 – Rhythm replaces strength
1:17:50 – Family is her greatest accomplishment
1:19:10 – Cannot have balance in all things—need to have focus to receive the expected result
1:22:00 – Meaningful connections with spouse and children—give to each the time each needs
1:23:50 – A virtuous woman

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