Podcast Episode 72
with our guest Stephen G. Post

Synchronicity & Spirituality with Stephen G. Post Part 1


Deemed one of the “stars of positive psychology,” Stephen G. Post is a public speaker, opinion leader, and the bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People and God and Love on Route 80: The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness. Stephen is the Founder of the Center for Medical Humanities at Stony Brook University as well as a professor of Preventive Medicine and Bioethics. His work, which emphasizes giving and compassion in the medical field, has been featured on The Daily Show and in publications including “O” Magazine and US News & World Report.

Stephen joins me today to discuss the contents of his book God and Love on Route 80 and a dream he experienced several times that ultimately ended up finding its way into his life. Stephen shares the philosophies and themes he teaches on, and why he believes in the power of synchronicity. Stephen also highlights the unusual way he has personally experienced synchronicity and the positive impact of living for others.


“The journey is really what it is. It doesn’t matter what ‘highway’ you’re on – the journey’s always there.”

– Stephen G. Post

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Why Stephen wrote his book God and Love on Route 80
  • A repeating dream Stephen had that impacted him spiritually, and how this dream came true
  • The two lives that most of us live within one lifetime, and Stephen’s views on perfection
  • Stephen’s belief in the power of the journey
  • How Stephen defines synchronicity and how he has experienced it
  • The two types of causalities described in the work of Carl Jung, and Stephen’s views on probability and “impossible possibilities”
  • How we can cultivate more synchronicity in our lives and become more aware of the synchronicities that are already occurring
  • The power of prayer and how living for others can elevate us

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