Synchronicity & Spirituality

with our guest: Stephen G. Post

Stephen G. Post is a public speaker, opinion leader, and the bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People and God and Love on Route 80: The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness. Deemed one of the “stars of positive psychology,” Stephen is the Founder of the Center for Medical Humanities at Stony Brook University as well as a professor of Preventive Medicine and Bioethics. His work emphasizes giving and compassion in the medical field and has been featured on The Daily Show and in publications including “O” Magazine and US News & World Report.

Stephen joins me today to discuss his views on love, loyalty, and his concept of “carefrontation.” He shares the importance of redefining success and intentionally celebrating the lives of our loved ones. We discuss the power of utilizing quiet morning moments to connect spiritually. Stephen also highlights how everyone’s life has depth and can be a starting point for crafting stories that people will want to read.


“Keep your faith in the journey because there’s always something out in front of you that you can’t see, that’s waiting for you to arrive.” – Stephen G. Post

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • A shocking story about how Stephen gained $100 through the power of prayer
  • Why religion is like a GPS, and why Stephen doesn’t believe in naming God
  • What “carefrontation” is, how it differs from confrontation, and how Stephen defines love
  • Stephen’s experience working with Sir John Templeton on the concept of unlimited love
  • How to cultivate, follow, and respond to the pull of limitless higher love
  • Stephen’s morning spiritual practice and how it helps him stay centered and grow in his ability to express love
  • The human nature of mistakes and why you shouldn’t beat yourself up for making them
  • Why you should emphasize respect when interacting with people with different views
  • The importance of loyalty and embracing imperfection in relationships
  • Why you should “write from life” and not underestimate the value of your own story
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