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Be the Kind of Person You Decide to Be

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Be the Kind of Person You Decide to Be (No Matter What)

Emerson said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Make the choice to become a particular kind of person. Kind. Helpful. Brave. Intelligent.

But realize that whatever quality you choose is not as important as the act of consciously choosing who and how you want to be.

Then, be this kind of person no matter what. When you don’t get what you want. When things don’t turn out as expected.

See what it’s like to live with this unconditional commitment.


Trust That Your Client Already Has His Own Answers

Effective coaches help their clients lead themselves to their own answers.

It might not be intuitive, but it works.

We often want to problem-solve / offer advice / think we know the answer. Recognize those tendencies as they arise and resist them.

At best, those strategies are ineffective. At worst, they’re counterproductive.

When a client’s listening to you, they’re not listening to themselves.

Your job is to help your clients listen to themselves. To know that they know.

To do that, trust that they already have their own answers.

They do.


Go Pro

Clients want to work with coaches who help them produce results.

If you want a strength coach, you want help getting stronger. If you want a singing coach, you probably want help singing with more power and resonance. If you want an executive coach, you want to execute.

Professionals who consistently help clients achieve results are exactly that—pros.

They take their work seriously. They show up. They give full effort.

Whether you’re coaching full or part time, working inside or outside an organization, a beginner or a veteran, have many clients or none—have you gone pro?

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