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Make Deliberate Decisions About the Structure and Frequency of Your Marketing

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Trust Your Body

I recently told a friend that I’m drinking more water to maintain a healthy immune system.

I’ve heard that many people live chronically dehydrated, that doctors often misdiagnose dehydration for disease, and that by the time you notice you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

I asked my friend what he’s doing to stay healthy.

He said he’s paying attention to his body’s wants – sleep, food, water, movement, etc.

It reminded me of the Zen saying, “When hungry, eat your rice; when tired close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean.”


Before You Ask a Question, Ask Yourself “Who Does this Question Serve?”

My friend Emil Harker, author and relationship therapist, introduced me to the idea that in intimate relationships there’s such thing as “touch taking” – touching your partner for your own pleasure – and something called “touch giving” – touching your partner for their pleasure.

There’s a parallel in coaching. (It has nothing to do with touching.)

Do your questions help your clients get clarity, challenge disempowering beliefs, establish commitments and take action? Or do they simply add to your understanding or indulge your curiosity?

Are you “ask taking” or “ask giving?”


Cultivate Marketing Consistency

Once you’ve decided what marketing activities you will do (and you have decided, right?), clearly establish—in writing—the frequency with which you will do them.

Will you do a Facebook Live on Fridays? A Meetup on Mondays? Tweet on Tuesday and Thursdays (or twelve times a day?)

Or maybe you’ll write a blog post on a blue moon, or a newsletter in November.

The point is to make deliberate decisions about the structure and frequency of your marketing, and then to do it.

These self-imposed constraints help you focus and direct your precious energy and resources.

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