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Deal with Life as It Is

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “What you resist persists.” Or, as Tony Robbins says, “Problems need energy to live.”

Very often, problems cease to be problems the moment you stop viewing them as problems. That’s how you stop putting energy into them.

It doesn’t mean your problems go away. It just means that they become something to be dealt with. (Or not.)

A friend once suggested that you can approach everything in life from the perspective of “WHAT’S SO” (how events, people and circumstances are) or “SO WHAT?” (our judgments, stories and complaints).


Coach Everyone You Can

Coaching is a skill just like riding a bike, performing surgery or baking a cake. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

And you’ll gain confidence. You’ll get feedback.

You’ll learn what kind of challenges you enjoy helping people overcome. You’ll develop relationships and learn who your ideal client is.

You’ll meaningfully contribute to others.

Determine how many hours you’re willing to coach each week. Schedule them on your calendar. Fill them with clients (even if they don’t pay).

As with flying an airplane or driving a car, there’s no substitute for seat time.


Believe in Yourself and the Value You Offer Others

Developing the skills to effectively coach others is relatively easy, especially if you naturally enjoy this work.

It might be more difficult to develop the marketing or operations skill necessary to build a successful business.

Far more difficult – and important – than any other skill required to build a successful coaching practice is that of generating and sustaining BELIEF.

Tony Robbins suggests that mastery in ANYTHING is 20% skills and mechanics and 80% psychology.

Start managing your psychology by managing your STATE – by using conscious and empowering physiology, focus and language patterns.

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