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What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

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Examine Your Fears in the Cold Light of Day

If you’ve wanted something for a long time but haven’t been able to achieve it, try this

Write your desired outcome clearly.

In your journal, or using index cards, list every reason you haven’t achieved it, why you shouldn’t try, or anything undesirable that would happen if you did.

Then, for each reason, ask:

“How does this belief serve me?”

“What triggers this belief?”

“When did I begin to believe this?”

“Who would I be / what would life be like without this belief?”

“What could I choose to believe instead?”


Unblock Your Clients with this Simple Question

“What are you pretending not to know?”

The mind is a meaning-making machine whose nature is to provide some response to every question.

Remember that your client does, in fact, have all her own answers, and that your work is to help her bring those answers to conscious awareness.

It would be easy if not for the fact that we humans are masters at denying, avoiding, suppressing, covering up, and ignoring difficult and unpleasant truths.

When you suspect a client might be running such a pattern, try this question.

Remember, timing is everything.


Go Beyond Demographics by Using Psychographics

Understand your clients’ demographic information—things like their age, gender, education level, occupation, annual income, ethnicity, geographic location and marital status—to know who they are.

The more you understand your clients’ demographic information, the better you’ll know where to reach them—online and off.

Understanding your clients’ psychographic information—things like personality characteristics, attitudes, lifestyle, values, opinions, beliefs, interests and hobbies—will help you know why they buy.

The more you understand your clients’ psychographic information, the better you’ll be able to craft and deliver resonant messages that motivate them to hire you.

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