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How To Strengthen Friendships That Strengthen You 

Everything occurs in relationship.

Relationship with food. Money. Work. Yourself. The unseen. The present moment.

And, of course, the people in your life. 

The foundation of every relationship is attention. 

You have a strong relationship with that to which you pay attention.

Strong relationships, therefore, require attention.

As we get older, it can be easy to devote our attention to things other than our friends. Kids. Career. Netflix.

Keep friendships strong by investing your attention, by any means necessary—three-minute phone calls, quick text messages, cards, walks, lunches or (blessing of blessings!) dinners.


How Non-verbal Body Language Can Make You a LESS Effective Coach

Pay close attention to your clients’ non-verbal body language, but don’t interpret it. 

In coaching (as in the rest of life), assigning meaning often leads to misunderstanding.

Don’t interpret. Ask.

Make inquiries like, “I noticed you sighed after you said that. What was the sigh about?”

Or, “You waited a few seconds before you answered that question. Tell me about that.”

Use these opportunities to practice listening, observing and being curious. Resist the temptation to make anything mean anything—let your client tell you.

She might surprise you both.


Why You Might Not Be Getting As Many Clients As You Want (And What To Do About It) 

Clients want to change something about their lives. Or, more likely, something about themselves. 

And they want to know that you can help them make that change.

From living paycheck to paycheck to being wealthy. 

From eating emotionally to being at peace with food. 

From soul-crushing emptiness to a life full of purpose. 

From “this” to “that.”

If clients don’t believe you can help them change, they won’t hire you.

Know what change you help clients make. Orient your marketing around that.

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