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How to Find Great Books to Read

For many people, “What is your favorite book?” stands alongside questions like “Who are you?” and “What do you want on your tombstone?” as difficult questions to answer.

Without exception, whenever I’ve read a book that someone has told me is their absolute, all-time favorite book, I too have enjoyed that book.

Most Recommended Books exists to help you find—and make—book recommendations.

It’s different from sites like, because it’s not just a book tracker. It’s designed to help you find the cream of the crop.

Its website explains,

“There are roughly 130 MILLION published books out there. Yet people read less than 500 books in their lifetime! Well, 2500 if they’re hardcore (a book a week).

That’s less than 0.0004% of published books! Our time is finite. So we want each book we read to be time well spent.”.

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