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There Is No Substitute for External Accountability


Create Space For What You Really Want

When you want something, make sure there’s room in your life to receive (or create!) it.

This concept first occurred to me about fifteen years ago after my dad built a $100 million motor sports park in Utah’s West Desert.

When it was done, I asked my oldest brother if he planned to start racing.

He said, “There’s nothing I want to stop doing to make room to race cars.

Know what you want. Then, deliberately let go of what you want less—or better yet, what you no longer want at all.


Use Deadlines To Serve Your Client

Parkinson’s Law asserts that “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

Add to that the fact that many people suck at being accountable to themselves.

If your clients didn’t think they needed help, they wouldn’t have hired you.

One of the best ways to serve your clients is by being an accountability partner

There’s no substitute for external accountability

Do this by helping your clients design specific and measurable outcomes, particularly those that include deadlines.

How many dollars—by when? How many pounds—by when

Help your clients exploit Parkinson’s Law.


People Need People: A Few Things I Learned From Hosting A Monthly Mindfulness Group For The Last Four Years

Everyone is looking for something.

Each of us is searching for many things, some of which we are unaware.

Things like

-Connection with like-minded people

-Better ways to live – daily rituals and practices to give us strength and peace

-Aliveness and fun!

Create these kinds of things for others by organizing (and perpetuating!) a discussion circle, a book club, a running group, etc.

Give it structure, leadership and energy.

You will bless your own life and the lives of others.

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