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When Coaching, Do You Chat or Converse?


The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make

My dad used to say, “The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your decisions.”

Life presents an unending series of decisions.

Of course, not all decisions are equal—what to have for lunch today isn’t as important as deciding whether or not to quit eating meat.

What pajamas you wear to bed isn’t as important as who you’ve decided to sleep next to.

But of all your many choices, one stands out as most important: The decision to be happy no matter what.

Have you decided yet?


Are Your Coaching Conversations Really Just Friendly Chats?

I have many friends, and I love to chat.

But I decided long ago that my coaching conversations would not just be friendly chats.

Friendly chats might be enjoyable, but they don’t produce results. Friendly chats don’t have a point—they are the point.

Coaching conversations, on the other hand, help clients move forward in their lives.

They result in action toward a desired result.

And, in the process, coaching conversations help your clients become greater than they had previously known themselves to be.

When you coach, do you chat or converse?


Why You Need A Sales Plan

Businesses fail for one main reason: not enough sales.

An entrepreneur friend of mine (who sold his business for millions) once told me, “Revenue forgives all sins.”

While I don’t love the phrasing, I appreciate the sentiment.

It is often said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s as true for your sales as it is for the rest of your life and business.

So, write a simple sales plan. Be clear and specific.

How much revenue will you produce? What products—in what quantities—will you sell? By when?

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