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Think Of Your Business As An Answer To A Question

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Know What You Want
When you don’t know what you want out of life, living each day is like going grocery shopping with a list of things you don’t want to buy. 

It might be fun for a while, but the novelty eventually wears off.

Today there’s so much of everything! More than 1,800 college majors. So many different jobs and career paths, vacation destinations, dining options, TV shows, podcasts, movies, apps, websites and games. 

Given so many choices, how do you know what you want in love, work or any other area of life?

Simple: you listen. To yourself.


Give Up Judgment
Suspending judgment is a hard skill for many coaches to develop. 

Your effectiveness as a coach inversely correlates with your judgment. Judgments about you’re your client should want, whether or not it’s possible, how to go about it, how likely any given plan is to succeed, whether or not it’s worth it, how soon it should happen, etc.

Judgment and advice often go together. When you know what someone should do, you’re probably dealing in judgment. 

Resist advice-giving and problem-solving for your clients. 

To become less judgmental, simply notice your judgment. But don’t judge yourself for it.


Think of Your Business as the Answer to a Question
Beyond whatever you sell or service you provide, do you think of your business as the answer to a specific question?

A plumber’s business might be the answer to, “How can I get my toilet unclogged quickly without paying a fortune?” 

An architect might answer, “How can I design a unique and attractive, environmentally-conscious home that I’ll love until I die?” 

The School for Good Living answers, “What does it mean to live a good life and how can we do it?” 

What question is your business the answer to?

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