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Ask Permission Before Coaching Someone

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Claim the Power of Your Breath

The first thing you do when you enter this life is inhale. 
The last thing you do when you leave this life is exhale. 

In between, if you’re lucky, you breathe in and out A LOT. 
It’s easy to ignore your breath as long as it comes easily.

Maybe you haven’t noticed that each emotion has its own breathing pattern. Or that you can start to shift emotion by shifting your pattern.

Emotional mastery begins with conscious breath control.

A lever is simple but powerful. A wheel is simple but effective. 

So is breath. 


Ask for Permission

Never coach someone who hasn’t given you permission to do so. 

Even when someone has hired you or given you permission to coach them, it’s often helpful to seek permission at certain points in each coaching conversation, such as before asking certain questions, exploring some topics or offering reflections or observations—particularly sensitive ones.

Asking permission helps ensure that your coaching sessions remain client-led because it allows clients to choose what to talk about and when. 

It can be as simple as asking questions like, “Do you mind if I …?” and “Are you open to …?”


Build Your Own email List

I recently interviewed an author who spoke nearly 200 times in support of his most recent book. He collected exactly zero email addresses. 

He missed a chance to sell his next book directly to the people who care most about his work and to serve his readers by sharing articles.

Some people grow a big following on social media, but they still don’t determine if their audience actually sees their posts. 

Building your own email list allows you to decide what your audience receives and when, and lets you build lasting, meaningful relationships with them.

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