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Tim Ferriss’ recent interview with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is pretty interesting.

In this 90-minute conversation, Mark talks about some of the innovative things his company is working on to change the way we live, work and recreate.

For example, you know that feeling of disconnect that comes when you’re Zooming with someone but you’re both looking at the screen and not the camera?

Well, Meta’s working to eliminate that by making eye contact possible in virtual reality.

And last year Meta rolled out Horizon Workrooms to help us reimagine remote collaboration. Now I’m eager to try it.

And I really loved something Mark said about “the real world”:

“Sometimes people draw this juxtaposition [between] the digital world and the real world. That’s not actually how I think about it. I think that there’s a physical world and a digital world. And the real world is actually both.”

Just wait ‘til he learns that many indigenous people include the dream world in “the real world.”

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