Podcast Episode 6
Are Coaches Born or Made?


Join us for this special in-person interview where my co-host, Dean Miles, and I dive deep into some of the intricate aspects of coaching that can be difficult to navigate such as defining what it means to be a coach, who can be a coach, and how we can be better ones. We hope that this collaboration of thoughts and ideas from our experiences can help pave the way for some of the most crucial conversations in the coaching industry.

Show Notes

Ultimately, our goal is to inspire coaches, both novice and experienced, to reflect on their own practice, embrace continuous learning, and strive to positively impact their clients and the world around them. So, join us for this insightful conversation, and let’s explore together how we can live a good life, be great coaches, and earn recognition and money.

This week on the Coaches Commonplace:

  • What is the coaches commonplace and why is it here?
  • Why coaching matters to me and Dean
  • Are coaches born or made?
  • What does it take to be a great coach?
  • Our role as coaches in the lives of our clients 

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