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Anciently, a commonplace book is where and how the wisdom and experience of a community was collected, recorded, and freely shared.


Show Notes

We started the Coaches Commonplace Podcast as a place to come together in community to discuss the unique challenges that coaches face. It’s a service that demands not only skill and strategy but also patience, empathy, and leadership. That’s why we’re here to help. This channel is a community of coaches, by coaches, for coaches. We invite you to join us on this journey of growth and learning, where we share our experiences, insights, and expertise to help you live a great life, be a great coach, and earn recognition and money.

Whether you are just starting on your coaching journey, or looking to grow your practice to the next level, the Coaches Commonplace Podcast is here to support you.

Highlights from the first 5 episodes of the Coaches Commonplace Podcast:

  1. Gain Client Trust
  2. Cultivating a Commonplace for Coaches
  3. Developing a Healthy Information Diet
  4. Build and Maintain Emotional Fitness and Emotional Resiliency
  5. What it Takes to Really Become Great

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