Course #14 is about PERSPECTIVE – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with an awareness and appreciation of “the big picture” – the vastness of the universe, your tininess within it and the brevity of your life. Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life. When you understand something in a new way, your experience of life changes. We have a different experience simply by changing our understanding of ourselves or of a given situation. The terms "success" and "failure" are labels or descriptions we put on ourselves or others, they are not facts. The only definition of success that really matters is yours. Money necessitates a unique set of empowering perspectives. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “Money often costs too much.”

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0:00 – Here are the main ideas in this course:

0:05 – Number one: There are two ways to live when it comes to perspective: You either live with an awareness and appreciation of “The Grand Scheme of Things” – your tininess within this vast universe and the brevity of your life, or you don’t. Ultimately, it’s a choice to live either way, and if you don’t consciously choose to live the first way, you are in effect making the choice to live the second way.

0:28 – Number two: How much time has passed since the universe began and how brief your life is relative to that.

0:35 – Number three: The terms “success” and “failure” are merely descriptions, not facts.

0:42 – Completing this course can help you:

Number one: Develop an understanding of – and sense of wonder at – the magnitude of the universe.

0:50 – Number two: Cultivate empowering perspectives about money.

0:54 – I’m so glad that you’re a part of this coaching program, and I hope you get so much value out of this Perspective course.

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