• 13 Lessons


    Course #13 is about LOVE – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live as though love is a decision, an attitude and a practice. How much we love others depends on how much we love ourselves; we’re only as kind and loving to others as we are to ourselves. Love is a decision, a practice, and a choice. You are responsible for taking the first step in creating love. It is up to you to decide who, how, and when to love. If you only think of love as a feeling, your experience of love will be limited. Intimate relationships provide your greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. There may be no higher expression of love than forgiveness. Forgiveness can bring great healing.
  • 17 Lessons


    Course #14 is about PERSPECTIVE – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with an awareness and appreciation of “the big picture” – the vastness of the universe, your tininess within it and the brevity of your life. Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life. When you understand something in a new way, your experience of life changes. We have a different experience simply by changing our understanding of ourselves or of a given situation. The terms "success" and "failure" are labels or descriptions we put on ourselves or others, they are not facts. The only definition of success that really matters is yours. Money necessitates a unique set of empowering perspectives. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “Money often costs too much.”

  • 23 Lessons


    Course #15 is about Gratitude – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with an active appreciation for the people, events and circumstances of your life. Experiencing and expressing gratitude is first a choice and second a skill. Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression, both of which improve relationships. Gratitude is an anabolic life-giving emotion that displaces catabolic life-destroying emotions. Although it's possible to experience gratitude in every moment, most people don't. Many people experience gratitude only when their expectations are exceeded. Gratitude involves a willingness to look for gifts and blessings in everything - including difficult aspects of your life. When you cultivate gratitude, not only do you enrich your own experience of life, you elevate the experience of those around you.
  • 20 Lessons


    Course #16 is about Presence – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live in the present moment. In life there are only patterns of aliveness and patterns that block aliveness. Aliveness depends upon presence. In every moment your attention is either in the past, the present or the future, and it’s there consciously or unconsciously. Presence is a gift you give yourself. You only have power in the present moment. The past and the future can be very seductive. But you can only live and act in the present. How powerful you are correlates with how present you are. Meditation is a potent tool to cultivate being present. The benefits of being present are innumerable. Commit to cultivate ever-greater levels of presence.
  • 22 Lessons


    Course #17 is about HAPPINESS – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live from the decision to be happy no matter what, knowing that happiness is a choice and a skill. Happiness is available in every moment. Your happiness is entirely up to you. Being happy doesn't depend on accomplishments, acquisitions or the absence of problems. If you’re only happy when something happens to make you happy, that’s not happiness, that’s a stimulus response. Deciding to be happy is the most important decision you will ever make. Happiness is your natural state and you’ll come to experience happiness as the background music in your life: there constantly. Your own happiness is perhaps the greatest gift you give to those you love.