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    Welcome to the School for Good Living! We are glad you are here. In this course you will learn how to make the most of your time - from creating your profile, connecting with other participants, participating in the discussion forums, engaging the courses, and administrative things like changing your password or updating your payment information.

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    Course #1 is about OUTCOMES – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live knowing what you want (and why you want it), and actively producing those outcomes. Having clarity about what you want enables you to visualize and create (what Tony Robbins refers to as) your “Ultimate Destiny.” Understanding your Ultimate Destiny involves two things: First, determining the kind of person you want to become, and second, being clear on what you want your life to be about. We’ll discuss the difference between goals and outcomes – and the principles and practices to help you set and achieve your desired outcomes as easily and enjoyably as possible. A key deliverable of this Course is for you to discover your own unique breakthrough outcome.
  • 16 Lessons


    Course #2 is about EMOTIONS – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live in “beautiful states” easily and often, with an understanding and mastery of your emotions. All human behavior is driven by the desire to seek pleasure or avoid pain. In this Course you will gain an appreciation of the tremendous power emotion pays in our lives. You’ll be exposed to way to use emotions intelligently and effectively to help you achieve your desired outcomes as easily and enjoyably as possible with the least amount of stress or willpower. A core tenet is acknowledging that you are completely responsible for your emotions and experience of life, and how to create - or at least move closer to - the emotions you prefer upon demand.

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    Course #3 is about VALUES – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a set of consciously created values and “rules” that express those values. What you say you value is not necessarily what you value - the truth of what you value shows up in your behavior and how you spend your time. This is because your behavior reflects and proves your values. It can be tremendously useful to think of values as “emotions that are important for you to feel or avoid feeling.” In this regard, values are "the intersection of BEING and DOING." A key deliverable of this Course is for you to articulate a set of consciously generated values to guide you for the rest of your life.
  • 18 Lessons


    Course #4 is about Integrity – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live in a manner in which your words are congruent with your actions. Werner Erhard summed up the importance of integrity when he said, “without integrity, nothing works.” Integrity is about wholeness and completeness. This way of thinking about integrity is distinct from morals, ethics, judgments or subjective perspectives. Integrity is an empowering way of relating to yourself and others that gives you greater power and freedom than you might have previously known. We’ll discuss ways to strengthen, repair, and restore integrity in any area of your life where it might currently not exist. This model of integrity can help you live with greater power, effectiveness and peace.
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    Course #5 is about Authenticity – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live in a way where your actions are congruent with and are an expression of your highest values and deepest desires. Life is a process of becoming more of who you are and less of who you're not. This process involves both self-discovery and self-determination. In life there are preferences, choices and consequences. Authenticity is a function of owning and acknowledging your preferences, making choices based on them, and accepting the consequences. In every moment, relationship, and interaction you have power because you have choice. You’re more likely to live a life that works (a life of extraordinary happiness, meaning and contribution) by living true to yourself and being authentic.
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    Course #6 is about PURPOSE – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a self-generated purpose that gives you a sense of happiness, meaning and contribution. Creating your unique purpose statement provides your life with context and meaning. It provides the direction to live with courage and joy. Living with purpose allows you to discover what's possible - and what potential benefits await your life. We’ll guide you through the process of finding clarity and certainty regarding your purpose. You’ll gain a powerful insight that you can declare and live your purpose in any moment. A key deliverable of this Course is to create a life purpose statement and a personal mission statement, both of which motivate and excite you.
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    Course #7 is about Identity – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a consciously created identity which empowers you. Your choices and behaviors naturally follow from your identity. Changing your behavior by changing some aspect of your identity is often easier and more effective than changing your behavior through willpower alone. For any change you want to make in your life, to make it last, you must make a change to your identity. Each of us lives with a number of stories about ourselves, other people and the world. Some of these stories empower us, some of them do not. You can, at any time, free yourself from any and all disempowering stories. You are greater and wiser than you know yourself to be.
  • 14 Lessons


    Course #8 is about RESPONSIBILITY – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live as though you are completely responsible for your emotions, experience of life and the outcomes you produce. It requires a conscious choice and courage to take total responsibility for your emotions and experience of life, and for all of your life’s outcomes. When you find yourself complaining, believing you “have to” do something, or that you have no choice, it is likely that you have not taken responsibility for some aspect of your life. The only things you have complete control over are your thoughts, words, and actions. We’ll also review the mechanics of taking responsibility: making decisions or commitments and behaving congruently with them. Ultimately, you’ll experience responsibility as freedom.

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    Course #9 is about alignment – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live doing great work while pursuing your calling. Great work occurs at the confluence of happiness (which comes from doing what you love), meaning (giving yourself fully) and contribution (serving something bigger than yourself). A calling is free giving of your time with a sense of purpose, rightness and even destiny. Everyone possesses genius. However, only a tiny percentage ever seem to express that genius. A key deliverable of this Course is for you to create your own definition of what it means for you to do great work. You’ll also create a clear picture of what each day might look like when you’re doing great work and pursuing your calling.
  • 18 Lessons


    Course #10 is about Action – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a bias toward action, fully engaged in life. Your access to impacting life is conscious action. Acting in order to feel (or avoid feeling) certain emotions - when done unconsciously - is a form of slavery. You can live your life as a spectator or as a participant. Certain types of speaking can be powerful forms of action. We’ll review tools and techniques that will help you make better decisions and overcome procrastination. We'll review a daily practice to help you realize your most important outcomes and commitments. There is great insight in the statement: "Thought without action is a daydream - action without thought is a nightmare."

  • 23 Lessons


    Course #11 is about ENERGY – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with habits and routines that optimize your energy, contribute to your well-being and lead to the realization of your desired outcomes. Your energy is your most precious resource, even more precious than time. We’ll explore ways to optimize your energy by being more efficient, effective, and expansive. You’ll gain an appreciation of the power of habits and routines, and identify unproductive and undesirable behaviors, understand their impact on your life, and create strategies to minimize them. We’ll reflect on the power of disciplined consistency in creating extraordinary results and what tools might be helpful in cultivating that discipline. One way to expand your energy capacity by living a healthier life.

  • 19 Lessons


    Course #12 is about TIME – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a simple, effective, and enjoyable method to "keep your word in existence" and make the most of your time. There’s no such thing as “work/life balance.” There’s only “life.” Using proven tools and techniques we’ll help you create and implement new structures and processes to manage your opportunities and obligations. Managing your time doesn't have to be stressful; the purpose of time is to maximize your enjoyment of life. You can be the leader of your life and the architect of your experience - not merely the manager of your circumstances. Goethe stated, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”
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    Course #13 is about LOVE – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live as though love is a decision, an attitude and a practice. How much we love others depends on how much we love ourselves; we’re only as kind and loving to others as we are to ourselves. Love is a decision, a practice, and a choice. You are responsible for taking the first step in creating love. It is up to you to decide who, how, and when to love. If you only think of love as a feeling, your experience of love will be limited. Intimate relationships provide your greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. There may be no higher expression of love than forgiveness. Forgiveness can bring great healing.
  • 17 Lessons


    Course #14 is about PERSPECTIVE – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with an awareness and appreciation of “the big picture” – the vastness of the universe, your tininess within it and the brevity of your life. Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life. When you understand something in a new way, your experience of life changes. We have a different experience simply by changing our understanding of ourselves or of a given situation. The terms "success" and "failure" are labels or descriptions we put on ourselves or others, they are not facts. The only definition of success that really matters is yours. Money necessitates a unique set of empowering perspectives. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “Money often costs too much.”

  • 23 Lessons


    Course #15 is about Gratitude – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with an active appreciation for the people, events and circumstances of your life. Experiencing and expressing gratitude is first a choice and second a skill. Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression, both of which improve relationships. Gratitude is an anabolic life-giving emotion that displaces catabolic life-destroying emotions. Although it's possible to experience gratitude in every moment, most people don't. Many people experience gratitude only when their expectations are exceeded. Gratitude involves a willingness to look for gifts and blessings in everything - including difficult aspects of your life. When you cultivate gratitude, not only do you enrich your own experience of life, you elevate the experience of those around you.
  • 20 Lessons


    Course #16 is about Presence – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live in the present moment. In life there are only patterns of aliveness and patterns that block aliveness. Aliveness depends upon presence. In every moment your attention is either in the past, the present or the future, and it’s there consciously or unconsciously. Presence is a gift you give yourself. You only have power in the present moment. The past and the future can be very seductive. But you can only live and act in the present. How powerful you are correlates with how present you are. Meditation is a potent tool to cultivate being present. The benefits of being present are innumerable. Commit to cultivate ever-greater levels of presence.
  • 22 Lessons


    Course #17 is about HAPPINESS – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live from the decision to be happy no matter what, knowing that happiness is a choice and a skill. Happiness is available in every moment. Your happiness is entirely up to you. Being happy doesn't depend on accomplishments, acquisitions or the absence of problems. If you’re only happy when something happens to make you happy, that’s not happiness, that’s a stimulus response. Deciding to be happy is the most important decision you will ever make. Happiness is your natural state and you’ll come to experience happiness as the background music in your life: there constantly. Your own happiness is perhaps the greatest gift you give to those you love.