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Key Takeaways

Here are the main ideas in this course:

  1. There are two ways to live when it comes to presence: You either live in the present moment or you don’t. Ultimately, it’s a choice to live either way, and if you don’t consciously choose to live the first way, you are in effect making the choice to live the second way.
  2. In life there are only patterns of aliveness and patterns that block aliveness.
  3. Aliveness depends upon presence.
  4. In every moment your attention is either in the past, the present or the future.
  5. Your only point of power is in the present.
  6. Meditation is one way to cultivate being present.
  7. There are many ways to meditate and anyone can do it.
  8. The benefits of being present are innumerable.

Completing this course can help you:

  1. Commit to cultivating ever-greater levels of presence.

In this course we will explore the benefits of cultivating presence, including regular meditation and mindfulness practices. We’ll also look at definitions of words used in these practices, and ways of cultivating presence in your own life including how to navigate common impediments to regular meditation. It would be very difficult for me to overstate the value and importance of the information in this course in my life, or how much it underpins the rest of the courses in this Transformational Coaching Program. I am eager for you to become more present and it is my sincere wish that the sections that follow help you do just that.