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Key Takeaways

This Responsibility course begins the Productivity track and marks a transition in this curriculum from “being” to “doing.” This course, along with the next few, is designed to begin the outward expression of the inward-facing work you’ve done to this point. This Productivity track is based on the premise that you are capable of doing great work and of making an extraordinary contribution. In fact, you are just as capable of doing great work as anyone who’s alive today or who’s ever lived.

Here are the main ideas in this course:

  1. There are two ways to live when it comes to responsibility: You either live as though you are completely responsible for your emotions, experience of life and the outcomes you produce, or you don’t. Ultimately, it’s a choice to live either way, and if you don’t consciously choose to live the first way, you are in effect making the choice to live the second way.
  2. When you find yourself complaining, believing you “have to” do something, or that you have no choice, it is likely that you have not taken responsibility for some aspect of your life.
  3. The only things you have control over are your thoughts, words, and actions.
  4. The mechanics of taking responsibility: making decisions or commitments and behaving congruently with them.

Completing this course can help you:

  1. Decide (if you haven’t already) to take total responsibility for your emotions and experience of life, and for all of your life’s outcomes.
  2. Take responsibility for your beliefs and the meaning you impart to the events and circumstances of your life.
  3. Experience responsibility as freedom.