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Guided Tour Part 1: Public Area – all the great free content, open to everyone

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Goodliving.com is home to The School for Good Living. In part one of our site tour we will explore the wealth of free content available to everyone without the need to sign up, register, or login. Part two will introduce the members only content available to registered users and participants in the Transformational Coaching Program.

Clicking the SGL logo at the top of the page will always bring you back to the home page no matter where you are on the site. Public content is accessed through the menu found at the top of the page. On a mobile device the menu is found by clicking on the icon with three lines, sometimes called the hamburger menu, to open the menu. Content is organized under three headings: Coaching, Content, and About.

Moving your mouse to the menu area will expand the menu like this. The first item under Coaching is the Transformational Coaching Program. This is also our home page. Learn what it is and how it works. Explore each course by track, including Foundations, Power, Productivity, and Peace. Find out what others have to say about it. Pricing and quick links to enroll are found at the bottom.

The second area listed under the Coaching menu is an invitation to Preview The Courses. This will allow anyone to review the Transformational Coaching Program courses. We invite you to explore, read the descriptions and course outlines, and watch all the intro videos.

The third area listed under Coaching is our Coach Training Program. Here we invite you to learn about this two and a half day training designed to help anyone become a great coach and get paid. The program is also popular with anyone who wants to learn critical skills to be a better parent, spouse, manager, or leader of any kind.

The Content menu is home to blog posts by Brilliant Miller, founder of The School for Good Living. This is updated each week with fresh content from Brilliant’s popular Three Point Thursday email newsletter. Other inspirational content you will find here includes archives of his “100 Words to Help you LIVE A GOOD LIFE, BE A GREAT COACH, and EARN RECOGNITION AND MONEY.” Plus a searchable archive of inspirational quotes from thought leaders.

The second area on our Content menu features our amazing Associate Coaches. You you will find periodic articles published by various associate coaches to help you live a Good Life. Or meet our Associate Coaches by browsing the directory and reviewing their profiles or clicking through to their social media pages.

The final area in our Content menu is home to Brilliant’s Podcast episodes. Each week on Tuesday Brilliant shares a new podcast interview with thought leaders, extraordinary coaches, writers, and big thinkers. You can also browse the directory of podcast guests, explore their profiles, and find links to their websites and publications.

The About menu is a great place to learn about who we are and why we’re here. Here you will learn what caused Bryan Miller to embark on a multi-year, million-dollar quest to discover what it means to live a Good Live. What he learned has compelled him to dedicate his life to using what he has, what he loves, and what he knows to helping others learn how to live a Good Life, too. And you’ll learn what inspired him to legally change his name to Brilliant Miller.

About the School for Good Living provides more information about the company, how we’re organized, and what we do. And finally, What We Offer provides an overview of the whole breadth of products and services we offer, including public speaking, 1-on-1 coaching, and events like Mindfulness Morning.

Throughout the site you will find invitations to sign up for our newsletter. It’s the best way to learn about new blog posts, podcasts, events, and other announcements.

At the top of the page you will notice an icon that looks like a magnifying glass. This is how you access the powerful site-wide search. Just click that icon then type in a keyword or phrase and press enter. The system will respond by showing you all blog posts, pages, courses, lessons, podcasts, quotations, and anywhere else your search term is found on the site.

We invite you to click around and explore. Share your favorite content with others. And if you are not already a member, be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be notified automatically when new content is posted. In Part 2 of the site tour we will show you the exclusive members only areas.