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Weekly Group Coaching Calls – weekly meet-up with your Coach and peers via Zoom

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Weekly group coaching calls are one of the most popular qualities of the Transformational Coaching Program. Each coach is allowed discretion to announce and schedule their calls when and how it works best for their group. Some groups meet in person in a home, office space, or other venue, but most groups will meet online using Zoom or a similar video conferencing solution.

Your coach will announce their meeting schedule and location in your group coaching discussion forum or by sending email reminders.

If you have not received notice telling you how and when your group meets, please send your coach a message and ask for it. The built-in messaging system makes it easy to send and receive private messages with your coach even if you don’t know their email address.

Following each coaching call, you may receive a one-click survey in your email inbox, asking if you are happy with your coach and with the course. If you miss the group coaching call, you might receive an alternate one-click survey to help your coach understand why and if it is something they can help with.

We hope you will take advantage of each weekly group coaching call. It’s one of the best ways to get the most out of the Transformational Coaching Program.