Podcast Episode 62
with our guest Lydia Slaby

Wait, It Gets Worse Part 1


Lydia Slaby is a speaker, advocate, consultant, and the author of Wait, It Gets Worse, a memoir chronicling Lydia’s journey after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of thirty-three. Lydia identifies as a “change witch” and is passionate about helping people and organizations thrive in the face of change. In addition to serving on several non-profit boards and advising an array of organizations, Lydia served as the Massachusetts Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration and Finance under Governor Patrick, and she was formerly a corporate lawyer in Chicago. Lydia graduated from Northwestern University with her JD-MBA, and previously attended Brown University and Harvard.

Lydia joins me today to discuss her book Wait, It Gets Worse, and some of the universal life lessons and insights that readers can gain from reading the memoir. She shares her story and discussed how her cancer journey put a stop sign in the road, allowing her the chance to pause and move forward with renewed direction and self-awareness. Lydia also shares the importance of tuning into all aspects of ourselves – mind, body, and spirit – and why it is crucial to ensure that you are indeed a human being, not merely a human doing.


“I wanted other people to understand that they could leave their life before they were forced into it.”  – Lydia Slaby

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • What Lydia feels life is all about, and what it takes to be the best versions of ourselves
  • How Lydia named her book Wait, It Gets Worse and how she feels about having her story out in the world
  • The difference between a human being and a human doing and the importance of simply learning how to “be”
  • The importance of telling imperfect success stories in the age of social media
  • What demographic Lydia wrote her book for and the message she hopes to impart to them
  • Three aspects of our life that have the potential to either fall apart or work out and how survival is possible even when things go wrong
  • A peek into Lydia’s journey and lessons she has learned along the way
  • How our societal definition of “impressive” shapes the way we live our lives
  • The mind-body disconnect and how our brains can impede us from connecting with our bodies
  • The importance of coming to terms with the reality of your life
  • What purpose Lydia believes her cancer journey served in her life and her perspective on how spirituality and physicality relate
  • What makes it so difficult for people to make changes in their lives
  • What happens if we ignore the messages that life is trying to relay to us
  • Who Lydia’s most notable teachers were as she learned to listen to her own body
  • The power of meditation and silence
  • How our minds and bodies uniquely relate to the concept of time
  • How our bodies speak to us and how we can connect to our spirit more easily
  • How our spirit can connect us to a more profound sense of self
  • Lydia’s relationship with the hospital and why it provided her with so much comfort
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