Podcast Episode 63
with our guest Lydia Slaby

Wait, It Gets Worse Part 2


Passionate about inspiring individuals on the cusp of transition and transformation, Lydia Slaby is a “change witch” and the author of Wait, It Gets Worse, a book chronicling Lydia’s journey after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of thirty-three. Arianna Huffington endorsed Lydia’s book, dubbing it as “an everywoman’s guide to living a life that matters.” Lydia graduated from Northwestern University with her JD-MBA, and previously attended Brown University and Harvard. In addition to her storytelling, Lydia is a speaker, advocate, consultant, and non-profit board member. She served as the Massachusetts Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration and Finance under Governor Patrick and was formerly a corporate lawyer in Chicago.


Lydia joins me today to discuss insight into her creative process while writing Wait, It Gets Worse, as well as her writing routine and the dynamic between her and her editor throughout the process. Lydia shares when and where her love of writing began, and when she realized she wanted to transform her story and passion for writing into the creation of a book. Lydia also highlights the importance of feeling complete with your story by the end of your initial writing process, so you feel ready to release and surrender to the ins and outs of editing and publishing your book.


“Don’t hide who you are in favor for who you think people want to see.” – Lydia Slaby

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • The joy and the overwhelm that can arise when you have freedom, opportunity, and choice
  • How Lydia was able to endure in the face of extreme pain and the importance of staying present
  • How connecting with an indigenous healer after open-heart surgery impacted Lydia
  • When Lydia first discovered she was a writer and how her childhood love of math led to her appreciation for writing
  • The importance of intentional word choice as a writer
  • How Lydia drew upon her blog in the process of writing Wait, It Gets Worse
  • The moment Lydia decided that she was going to write her book and what the editorial process was like
  • The emotional process of writing the book, given the emotional trauma of the story
  • The importance of becoming a student and letting go of control in the publishing process
  • How Lydia found her editor and the importance of having a team with a clear vision for the direction of your book
  • The power of using your network to meet people who can help you achieve your desired goals
  • The importance of knowing your creative window and scheduling your time accordingly
  • The types of music Lydia listens to while writing
  • Lydia’s advice for aspiring authors
  • Why you should tell your own story honestly and authenticity, focusing on your own perspective
  • A sneak peek into the subject matter of Lydia’s upcoming book
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