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The Yoga of Productivity

Tiago Forte, an entrepreneur and writer who aims to help you “Be more productive than you ever thought possible,” recently published an article called “The Yoga of Eating: Food as a Source of Information.”

It summarizes Charles Eisenstein’s book The Yoga of Eating, and goes on to explore how the book’s ideas also apply to productivity. (Which Tiago calls “The Yoga of Productivity.”)

Much of this is about becoming more sensitive to the messages we receive from our body and aware of what information they might contain.

Tiago writes, “Consider that the soul is wise, and always seeks out the right medicine for its condition.”

Also, “Shame is the glue that holds unhealthy habits in place. And the opposite of shame is gratitude. Which means that, paradoxically, the moment you can view your body with total gratitude, you are in the best possible place from which to begin making a change.”

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