Podcast Episode 9
Building a Client Base that Fits Your Coaching Strengths


As a coach, one of the biggest challenges is to build a client base that fits your coaching style and strengths. In this episode of the Coaches Commonplace podcast, my cohost Dean Miles and I dive into some of the key steps to kickstarting your coaching business. We explore how to identify your unique coaching strengths and leverage them to attract the right clients who will benefit from your services.

Show Notes

Join us as we share practical tips on selecting clients based on our strongest coaching characteristics, enabling you to build a thriving coaching business that is in sync with your values and goals. In addition, we discuss the importance of emotional mastery and how expanding our range of emotions can enhance our coaching abilities. We also examine the critical role of attention and how it impacts our coaching effectiveness. This week on the Coaches Commonplace:

  • Dean’s journey to coaching
  • Gaining emotional mastery and expanding our range of emotions
  • Becoming aware of where we place our attention
  • Starting and building a coaching business
  • Selecting clients based on our strongest coaching characteristics

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