Podcast Episode 3
Develop a Healthy Information Diet


Join us in this episode of the Coaches Commonplace Book where we dive into the information that we have been consuming recently, what things we have been learning from that information, and what we’ve been doing with it. In this episode, my co-host Dean Miles and I will dive deep into the information that we’ve been consuming recently and share what we’ve been learning from it. We’ll cover a wide range of topics, including emotional fitness, emotional resiliency, and strategies for making money and influencing others as a coach. We’re excited to share our insights and tips with you, drawn from our years of experience as coaches and members of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches group.

Show Notes

We believe that coaching is about more than just imparting knowledge – it’s about helping people achieve their full potential and live their best lives. Through this series, we aim to empower our viewers with the tools and resources to make that happen. So, join us for this exciting episode of the Coaches Commonplace, and let’s explore the world of coaching and good living together!

“As things grow, they become more complex, but they don’t need to become more complicated.”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • How humans are “infovores”
  • What are Brilliant and Dean currently reading?
  • The information diet of a coach
  • What Brilliant and Dean would include if they wrote the Men’s Health article “Are You Mentally Fit? 31 Ways to Power up Your Brain”
    • Da Vinci’s work and philosophies
    • Brilliant’s habits for mental fitness
    • Dean’s habits for mental fitness
  • Embrace failure in your life without letting yourself fall too far
  • Becoming space holders for other people and for things we care about

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