Podcast Episode 4
How Can I Maintain My Emotional Fitness?


Join us in this episode of the Coaches Commonplace where my cohost, Dean Miles, and I dive into the world of coaching and living well.

Show Notes

Join us as we dive deeper into many of the difficult challenges of today such as how we can grow and maintain emotional fitness, emotional resiliency, and a bit about making money and influencing others as a coach while we’re at it. If you’re looking to be a better parent or partner, or if you want some ideas on how to spend a mental health day, this episode is for you!

“There’s what you achieve and then there’s being happy. Don’t blend those two together.”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • An update on Dean and Brilliant’s information Diet
  • Spending time and learning from Marshall Goldsmith
  • Wisdom of the Pages – Brilliants magazine article “Damn Good Advice for Fathers”
  • Dean’s magazine article “Six Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day”
  • How to be a coach

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